Gratitude + Love Trial Update: Day 10

Since December 3 I’ve been doing a 30 day trial combining gratitude and love. If you haven’t yet, read the original post here. In a nutshell I have been posting 5 things I’m grateful for on Twitter and spending twenty minutes every day focusing on feeling the vibe of abundance, gratitude and unconditional love.

Visualizing and raising my vibration

For every session of twenty minutes, my goal has been to feel happy for as long as possible. This happiness stems from a combination of feeling the abundance and unconditional love vibes, being present and imagining the life of my ideal self as if I were living it.

Though I am getting better at visualizing my ideal life, since I’m learning to focus better, that is not the important part. What I care about is whether I can really feel the vibe that I would be in if I were living that life, and I find I’m getting much better at that too. If you’re not sure what that vibe actually is, let me run you through some parts of what I visualize and explain you the vibes that I’m at while visualizing.
For one I look around my room and start being grateful for everything I see. I find the easiest way to raise my vibration is to just be grateful for everything. I might start noticing the obvious things first and be grateful that I have a family, a house, healthy food and a healthy body, but then I go beyond that: I become grateful for more and more things (electricity, the internet, toilet paper, the blue sky) until I eventually reach a point of ‘universal gratitude’. I’m not longer grateful for something specific, I’m grateful to be alive and for everything that exists.
Now that I feel grateful and happier, I try to focus on unconditional love. Again I do this less by visualizing and more by feeling: I consciously feel more connected to everything around me and then also beyond what I can see. It helps to imagine myself sending unconditional love to people and objects and filling them with light, not it is not necessary.
Then I start to visualize: while still holding the gratitude and love vibes, I start to imagine a fully abundant life as if I was there. I visualize myself helping thousands of people through my blog and eventually receiving the Nobel peace prize for having changed the world so profoundly. It doesn’t matter that I have no idea how I would actually get the Nobel prize, I just need to feel the excitement for having contributed so much to the world. I also imagine myself sprinting at the Olympics and winning a medal. The challenge excites me and motivates me to stay healthy and work out. Then I imagine everything else in my life that would put me in the same vibes I described above. Would I be in a romantic relationship? If yes, what would the woman be like? What would a day in my perfect life look like? Etc., etc.

Note that I’ve only added the last details to my visualizations within the last few days, so don’t worry if you don’t get so specific. In the end all that matters is that you can raise your vibration to the one desired and stay there.

Eventually this will slowly shift your vibration during the rest of the day as well. I’ve noticed that I’m generally happier and more on purpose since starting the trial. I’ve also done a few conscious changes: whenever I shower, for instance, I continually remind myself of how much I love my body.

The next step for me is to start putting myself into that state more often during the day, and not restrict myself to the twenty minutes. I already do this semi-automatically sometimes, but now I want to put my conscious effort into it. For rest of the trial, then, I will not only forces on tweeting 5 things #ImGratefulFor and being in a higher vibration for twenty minutes, I’ll also try to load the same vibe as often as possible during the day. For the sake of making sure that I do it, I’ll establish the bare minimum as loading it twice every day, though I might do it much more often.


I have been rereading Steve Pavlina’s articles on polarization and polarity (if you’ve never read any of them, start with this one), and found a way to apply the concepts to make my trial even better.

He says that there is an energy behind every intention. The stronger the energy, the more likely it is that the intention will manifest. This energy, though, comes in two incompatible forms, love (out-flow) and fear (in-flow). The purer the energy (meaning it is only love or only fear, but not both, as they cancel each other out), the stronger the intention.

Love means that your intention will be for the benefit of the world, so the energy is flowing outward.
Fear means that your intention will be for your own benefit, so the energy is flowing inward.

I resonate with love much more, and believe that I want to polarize with it (polarizing basically means that you will only use that type of energy-flow from that moment on, allowing you to master it). So, I’m also using this trial to polarize: behind every intention that I set, the reason is that ultimately, a lot of people will benefit from its manifestation.

When I imagine myself in a relationship, I don’t think of what I can acquire from, but of what I can give to the other person. If I imagine myself earning an Olympic medal, it’s not because it will make me happier (I want to be happy no matter what, anyway), but because I will be able to inspire many more people to adopt a better diet and focus on their health by example. In this blog I am not looking for money; I genuinely want to help people. If I imagine myself receiving money through the blog, it’s because by having enough money to cover my expenses and fulfill my need, I will have more energy and time to dedicate to helping others.
See how this goes? I could have fear-energy behind every one of these intentions (meaning that I would want more power, more happiness, more control over others, etc), but I choose to resonate with love. If you’re doing this experiment as well, I suggest you choose one energy-flow and stick to it, so that at the end of the thirty days you’ll have a better idea of what it’s like to polarize with it. If you don’t like it, you can change poles after the thirty days.

Inner change vs outer manifestation

I’ve been experiencing a lot of inner change during this trial. Focusing on love really does change a hitherto unfocused person. Most of all I notice that I feel happier more often and can bring myself to that state more easily.

For the next few days I expect to experience and even greater inner shift as I put more emphasis on polarizing with love and raising my vibration more often during the day. I also expect to see my inner shifts somehow reflect in my outer reality, and am curious as to how it will come about. Curiosity, by the way, is another vibe that is useful when you want your desires to manifest. Its opposite would be trying to control what happens and predict every single detail.


Have you been doing this trial with me? If yes, how has it been for you until now? If not, why?? I highly recommend you try it out :) .

Right now, I will get ready for school and do something I haven’t done yet: try to feel the vibe continuously on my way to school. It’s going to be fun :D

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