How To Start Your Personal Development Journey: What Now?

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading the last four articles on starting your personal development journey (if you haven’t, start here), and have more clarity about your life and your direction. Clarity and direction are not enough, though, you need action. But what to do? Again, I hope to be able to provide you with some help.

Do The Exercises + Give Me Feedback

For those of you who just skimmed the other posts: please go back and do the exercises at least once. It will not take you a lot of time and will help you understand the concepts better, so you can use them later without help. Also, check out the blogs in this post. And while you’re at it, bookmark the posts in this series for future reference and follow this blog’s RSS feed to show me that you liked the content and want me to keep posting.

Please also drop me a comment or an e-mail telling me what was good and what could be improved in this series, so that I can provide better help in the future.

Sign Up For The ‘How To Change Your Life Course’

If you haven’t already, I really recommend you take the HTCYL Course at least once. It is cheap, easy and provides a lot of value. It also blends well with my next suggestion:

Set Some Goals

You’ve already done this once in the previous post, but now it’s time to get ‘serious’. Think about what you want to achieve and set some goals. They should be important to you and drive you to take specific actions everyday. Don’t worry too much about setting goals for every part of your life. Instead, go with 3-5 important long-ish-term goals, and break them down into weekly goals and daily actions.


Personal development is about experimenting. Start a 30-Day challenge, go have a deep conversation with someone, watch a documentary about a topic you know nothing about, the options are endless. Bottom line: do something different.


Congratulations for (consciously) starting you personal development journey! I wish you a lot of fun and enjoy your growth!

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