Studies Indicate That Grains Suck Balls

There are many websites that claim that grains are not as healthy as they are made out to be. As the staple of the modern diet, they must be essential to our health, right? Well, no. Not even close. In fact, they harm you more than they do you good — which is not that hard, since whatever is in them that doesn’t harm you is very low on the ‘goodness’ scale.

I will not break down grains’ antinutrients and explain the harm they do to you in detail. You can find that information on your own. This post is for people like me who can’t trust what others say just like that without going to the source. Since the source is scientific studies, this post is supposed to be an ever-growing list of grain-bashing studies. I have already collected a few but feel free to email me some more through the contact form. Here’s why grains suck:

As a bonus, here’s another list of studies evaluating the paleolithic diet, which excludes cereal grains:

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