Tasks That Bark

Some tasks, especially tasks involving organizing or cleaning up, are like small dogs that bark like there’s no tomorrow when they see a bigger dog (you). It’s those tasks where you think “it’s going to take me sooo long and it will be sooo boring… I better go watch TV instead.”

Well, guess what? I say things like that to myself all the time, but then eventually stuff starts piling up and I muster the courage to turn on some music and just do it. And you know what happens?? It’s usually done before the first song even ended!

This happened to me just now. I had the idea in my head that my room was so untidy that I would die of boredom before I even finished cleaning it. But I had to do it, so I put on some music and bam, I was done in about 4 minutes. This is the kind of situation where I think about my past self and want to punch him in the face for being such a wimp and wasting precious hours on youtube because I didn’t want to clean my room for four. freaking. minutes.

So, next time you’re faced with a similar task, use this short and maybe effective process I just made up:

  1. Imagine the task as a small dog barking at you. Really picture one of those dogs that are so small they look like shape-shifting rats and have a high-pitch bark that makes everyone secretly want to stomp them. Are you afraid of it? Hell no!
  2. Put on some music and just do it. They say “if it takes more than a minute, do it right away.” I say “if it takes less time than a freaking song, why haven’t you done it yet??”

Have a good night, folks. *lights fade*

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