Everyman Sleep Schedule – Day 5

After day 4, which had been a huge improvement over day 3, you’d think that day 5 would be even better. It wasn’t. And there are only two things I can link my zombie-like state to:  the first and the second nap.

During my first nap, even though I was very tired and had been ready to fall asleep for over an hour, my thoughts kept getting in the way of me relaxing into unconsciousness. Needless to say, that nap was not restorative at all and made me lose all the energy and focus I’d previously thought would be a given for that day. To make matters worse, I was prevented from sleeping during my second nap because children were running around the floor right above me and I’m very sensitive to sound.

My third nap went considerably better, but it could not make up for the loss of sleep from the previous two. I bought earplugs to make sure this wouldn’t happen again, though I still can’t figure out how to best put them in my ear.

Exercise. During my 6-10 cycle Chloe and I biked to and from the Valhalla land. In total we biked for about 1 and a half to two hours. The rides went very well, considering that I did both on an almost empty stomach. I was tired after biking, but not exhausted, which seems to be a sign that, despite the sleep deprivation, my body is still hanging in there and is not going to fall apart any time soon.

Opium lettuce tea and likes. When I drank opium lettuce tea yesterday, I did it in the hopes that it would help me fall asleep faster and give me vivid dreams. With the benefit of hindsight I can determine that it’s effect was either negative or neutral, but that it certainly didn’t take me where I wanted to go. After reading some more about polyphasic sleep online, I have decided to give up all possible stimulants such a coffee, tea and – my favorite – hot chocolate as well as any energy suckers I might identify along the way.

Waking Life. Yesterday night the people at the house watched an awesome movie called “Waking Life”. Sleeping, dreaming and lucid dreaming are pervasive topics during the film, and it is full of interesting ideas. There was one quote, though, that immediately resonated with me. A character said that “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving.” And this struck me as a very good way to describe what the passage of time feels like on a polyphasic sleep schedule.

Right now it’s the morning of day 6, and I seriously hope it will get better. After a cold shower and some light food I have managed to gather enough energy and muster up the concentration to write this post, and I still expect to get some more work done before my next nap. So far, so good, but yesterday proved that, sometimes, the morning does not set the tone for the day – especially if you’re polyphasic, since the dividing line between day, night, morning and afternoon gets very thin.

However, I am optimistic, if only for the fact that Steve Pavlina went through something similar to me – day 4 had been his best day so far and then day 5 was a disappointment – and he started getting better on the 6th day.

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