Everyman Sleep Schedule – Days 6 and 7

The last couple of days have been mostly the same as before – it’s still hard for me to sleep during naps, I’m still tired – except for two events and two decisions.

Event #1

In the early morning of day 7, I took a nap at what seemed to be exactly the right level of tiredness, even though I simply followed my schedule. This ~25 minute nap resulted in two dreams (I woke up after the first dream and went back to sleep for the remaining 10 or so minutes), meaning that the time it took me to fall asleep was way shorter than before.

Decision #1

After that very special nap, I was sure that everything was starting to click. It wasn’t. I went to bed for my schedule 10 o’clock nap despite not feeling tired and just lay there for 20 minutes, unable to fall asleep. And then I connected the dots: what if I took naps only when I’m tired and really ready to go to sleep? So I decided to change my sleep schedule a bit: keep the scheduled core sleep from 22:30 to 2:00, but unschedule the naps and take them whenever I feel tired enough that I think I could go to sleep quickly. Here are the rules:

  • only three naps per day
  • naps are still restricted to 25 minutes at most
  • naps must be separated by at least 4 hours

Event #2

I went to bed on day 7 at 22:30, eager to experiment with this new, more flexible and hopefully better way of taking naps the day after. But when I woke up today (day 8), I saw that I had overslept. Instead of 2:00, my cellphone said 5:45. I felt really disappointed and considered calling the experiment off because I wasn’t sure how I should continue.

Decision #2

A few minutes of thinking about it and I decided that I will continue the experiment for the amount of time I had committed to (which is until July 20). So today will be my first official day of taking naps based on my level of tiredness and not on a strict schedule. I hope this works, because I don’t have many more days to get it right!

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